More features


Optional section for secondary content. Set sidebar align, initial visibility or keep default options.

Dropdown widget

Use <nav> element, insert menu items and template engine will convert it to drop-down menu.

User interface

Buttons, pagination, enumeration are auto-generated by foliodot engine yet fully customizable.

Keyboard shortcuts

Customizable keyboard shortcuts. Define global or per page shortcuts with <kbd> tag.


Use simple JS api for custom inner-page navigation: next(), prev(), first(), last(), goto(), toggle()

History & Hash

Easily share or bookmark any inner page with custom url hash. Use hashes with links for inner page navigation.


CSS, layout, skin and selectors utilities lets you customize look & feel of complete foliodot web page.


Global & local settings are available for complete control of template engine functionality.

Old school

Plain HTML, CSS & JS. No database. No setup. No CMS. Works out of the box. Creating a website can be fun again.